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The RESPECT Code of Practice


Your feedback on any part of the draft Code of Practice is welcome. Please feel free to make as many or few comments as you like.

Instructions: This form has come up in a new window, so you can add to it as you read through the code. Minimise this window to return to reading the code, and wherever you see switch back and add more comments. When you’ve finished, submit the form.

Please comment on any part or parts of the draft Code

Your comments on Upholding Scientific Standards (1)

Your comments on Compliance with the Law (2)

Your comments on Data Protection legal requirements (2.1.1)

Your comments on Data Protection good practice (2.1.2)

Your comments on Intellectual Property legal requirements (2.2.1)

Your comments on Intellectual Property good practice (2.2.2)

Your comments on Other Laws (2.3)

Your comments on Avoidance of Harm (3)

Any other general comments on the Code?

If a revised form of this Code were to be implemented at a European level, would you support it?
  Yes   No

Tick any of the following that apply to you
  market researcher
  government researcher
  academic researcher
  independent research institute
  researcher, other
  research training provider
  research evaluater/reviewer
  research funding organisation
  legal professional
  small/medium-sized enterprise
  member of a professional association
  none of the above

What country do you mainly work in?

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