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RESPECT project links


Intellectual Property

(EU-project offering help regarding questions of intellectual property with the emphasis on industrial property referring to EU-research within the 6th framework program and SMEs)
(information on the implementation of the Copyright Directive)
(information on intellectual property and the European research area)
(information on intellectual property)
(information on intellectual property)
(basic information from the world intellectual property organisation (WIPO) on intellectual property including copyright)
(basic information of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO intellectual property organisation on intellectual property including copyright)
(national copyright legislation according to UNESCO)
(basic information of World Trade Organization on intellectual property, especially the TRIPS agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights)
(guide to intellectual property rights for FP6 projects)
(access to European Legislation)


Links to information on open access/open content and the respective initiatives


Links to other copyright guidelines

There are many more guidelines available on the Internet, some of which contain information applicable for socio-economic research in Europe.

It should be kept in mind that guidelines from the United States do not represent the typical European approach to those questions (eg regarding the concept of fair use). However, they might serve as source of good conduct within socio-economic research but should be used only in combination with a source of European provisions.

(US; guidelines by the Music Library Association; professional organisation in the United States devoted to music librarianship) jisc.pdf
(UK; guideline by the JISC/TLTP copyright working group on behalf of the Joint Information Systems Committee, developed from guidelines originally created for the TLTP)
(US; guidelines supposed to provide guidance on the application of fair use principles by educators, scholars and students who develop multimedia projects)
(EU-Helpdesk on Intellectual Property Rights specialised on SMEs and Questions of the 6th Framework)
(copyright guideline of the EU Intellectual Property Helpdesk)
(guidelines for IP-Management in Publicly-funded Research organisations, working paper, expert group report for the European Commission)