IST Programme RESPECT: an IST Programme Project
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The RESPECT project


The aims of the RESPECT project

  • To develop common European standards and benchmarks for socio-economic research, especially research relating to the Information Society.

  • To foster high standards in cross-national and cross-disciplinary socio-economic research relating to the IST programme.

  • To help reduce barriers to the mobility of socio-economic researchers within the EU.

  • To contribute to broader ethical and professional debates within the socio-economic research community.

  • To explore the implications of new and emerging EU legislation, in particular, in the field of data protection and copyright for socio-economic research.

  • To profile and benchmark the skills and professional qualifications of socio-economic researchers

  • To produce directories of the professional bodies involved in the promotion, implementation and regulation of quality standards in socio-economic research

  • To provide information for technical, policy and other actors involved in the IST programme who are not socio-economic experts in order to assist their understanding of socio-economic issues and help them to select suitable specialists for socio-economic roles relating to the development of IS technologies and policies.

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Context: why a project like RESPECT is needed

respect for
research ethics

respect for
intellectual property

respect for

respect for
professional qualifications

respect for
professional standards

respect for
research users