IST Programme RESPECT: an IST Programme Project
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RESPECT for research ethics


Research by Sally Dench and Ursula Huws, IES and Ron Iphofen SRA, UK.

Unlike most research in the ‘hard’ sciences, socio-economic research deals with human beings and raises a range of ethical issues about the researcher’s responsibility to:

  • society

  • funders and employer

  • colleagues

  • the human subjects of the research.

RESPECT’s work on Research Ethics has been led by IES together with SRA.

The work built on an existing code developed by SRA, and involved close consultation with other professional and user groups at national and international levels.

The team systematically analysed and synthesised existing codes of practice for a range of different professional groups, and national and international professional self-regulating bodies. These were used to develop a draft code of practice, which was subject to a further round of consultation before final revision.

final report Final report on conducting ethical socio-economic research

code of ethical research Print version of the full report (PDF: 412kb)

buy the report Buy the full report online