IST Programme RESPECT: an IST Programme Project
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RESPECT for professional standards


Research by Christoph Hermann and Jörg Flecker, FORBA, Austria.

This part of the RESPECT research is available as a complete report, and also has an interactive online database of professional organisations.


Ensuring high quality in socio-economic research does not just involve ethical, intellectual property and data protection issues, important though these are. There are also issues relating to the standards of the research itself. In an increasingly interdisciplinary research environment it may be increasingly difficult to make judgements about the professional standards of colleagues from different disciplinary or national backgrounds.

RESPECT has addressed these questions, and the work on professional standards has been carried out by FORBA. This work has been closely linked with RESPECT’s work on professional qualifications and expertise.

A directory has been compiled of the professional bodies that already exist at national and European levels, accessible in the report and also as an interactive database online here (due January 2004).

The project also undertook an analysis and review of the codes that have already been drawn up by these professional bodies. A synthesis was compiled, in consultation with the relevant academic and professional bodies, and revised to take account of the feedback, and presented in the final version of the RESPECT Code of Practice.

professional standards report Code of Professional Conduct in Socio-Economic Research

database of professional organisations Interactive database of professional organisations

print version of full report Print version of the full report (PDF, 207kb)