IST Programme RESPECT: an IST Programme Project
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Institute for Information, Telecommunications and Media Law (ITM)


The Institute of Information Telecommunication and Media law (ITM) was founded in June, 1997. The primary goal is to research the legal framework of the modern information society. Special emphasis is placed on Comparative law in order to learn from the experiences of other countries.

Since the law of information, telecommunications and media is a cross section of different matters, it cannot be covered by merely one of the traditional disciplines of civil, criminal, or administrative law. Therefore, ITM wants to enable and promote multidisciplinary research and teaching. The members of ITM are Professor Hoeren (private law), Professor Holznagel (administrative law) and Professor Welp (criminal law).

In the Framework of the RESPECT Project, ITM is engaged with its Civil Law Department in conducting research on copyright and related rights implications for socio-economic research. Additionally, it is assisting CRID on aspects relating to confidentiality and data protection.