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Code of practice for confidentiality


A common set of guidelines on how and to what extent personal data may be used in the field of socio-economic research will be elaborated. An overview of some specific data protection issues related to socio-economic research will be undertaken in order to address these issues when elaborating the guidelines.

The partners working on this workpackage are specialists in data protection issues, who will work closely with the ECLIP project to ensure state-of-the-art Europe-wide coverage. They will use established links with both provider and user groups throughout Europe to ensure relevant, state-of-the-art coverage. This liaison will be carried out mainly by email and by posting relevant draft documents and questionnaires on this website. It is, however, envisaged that this information will be supplemented by the results from approximately twenty interviews with key informants with specialist knowledge of data protection.

After taking full account of feedback from all relevant parties, the code will be revised for incorporation into the final RESPECT Code of Practice.