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RESPECT for intellectual property


Intellectual Property Aspects of Socio-Economic Research

N Gnädig, K Knorpp, H Grosse Ruse, M Giannakoulis

An extensive report has been produced on the intellectual property aspects of socio-economic research.

report summary Introduction and summary

This full version of the report has internal hyperlinks to extensive appendices:

print version of full report Print version of the full report (Word doc, 2.2Mb)

Alternatively, you may download the report in parts:

print version of main report Main part of the report (PDF, 429kb)

print version of appendix 1 and 2 Appendix I and II, Additional links and information (PDF, 99kb)

print version of appendix 3 Appendix III, National and international law (PDF, 659kb)

print version of appendix 4 Appendix IV, Accession States (PDF, 538kb)

buy the report Buy the full report online