IST Programme RESPECT: an IST Programme Project
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Functional map of a European socio-economic research project: flowchart of tasks

the map Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
        you are at level 4

A.1.1 develop outline of project proposal
knowledge and skills Knowledge and skills
A.1.1.1 consult programme documents
A.1.1.2 define unique research question
A.1.1.3 discuss research idea with colleagues
A.1.1.4 determine European perspective and surplus value of research internationally
A.1.1.5 define research proposal key words
Additional tasks for preparing an integrated project
within the 6th Framework:
A.1.1.i1 consult documentation on priority themes
A.1.1.i2 define ambitious scientific and technological objectives
A.1.1.i3 define specific results re European competitiveness and societal needs
A.1.1.i4 define component parts dealing with aspects of project implementation

View aditional tasks for:

additional tasks for preparing a network of excellence preparing a network of excellence within the 6th Framework

Task types






Task owners

research partners
lead partner
project co-ordinator
every partner