IST Programme RESPECT: an IST Programme Project
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Functional map of a European socio-economic research project: flowchart of tasks

the map Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
        you are at level 4
A.1.2 find appropriate project partners
knowledge and skills Knowledge and skills
A.1.2.1 network to find good project partners
A.1.2.2 get information about potential partners
A.1.2.3 question potential partners about international teamwork
A.1.2.4 discuss research idea informally
A.1.2.5 evaluate competencies of potential partners
A.1.2.6 evaluate balance of the consortium
Additional tasks for preparing a network of excellence
within the 6th Framework:
A.1.2.n1 check requirements for minumum number of participants
A.1.2.n2 find partners keen to spread excellence beyond partnership
A.1.2.n3 ensure number of participants and resources are suitable and manageable
A.1.2.n4 find partners currently conducting excellent research
A.1.2.n5 find partners to create critical mass of expertise for success

View aditional tasks for:

additional tasks for preparing an integrated project preparing an integrated project within the 6th Framework

Task types






Task owners

research partners
lead partner
project co-ordinator
every partner