IST Programme RESPECT: an IST Programme Project
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Functional map of a European socio-economic research project: flowchart of tasks

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A.2.4 determine project time-plan and budget
flowchart of tasks Flowchart of tasks


  • Knowledge of standards to estimate time and budget needed to do research work

  • Knowledge of clients who may be interested in the results of the study and may be willing to co-finance in the research project

  • Knowledge of the structure of expenses of one’s own research organisation

  • Knowledge of the intellectual property of the project results (patents, copyright, data protection, etc.)


  • Skills to translate the structure of expenses into a budget needed to do research work

  • Skills to convince clients to invest in the study

  • Skills to determine a number of ways by which the objectives and/or results can be realised

  • Skills to subdivide the formulated objectives in a way that the connection between parts is weaker than the connection within one part

  • Skills to determine crucial phases in a research project

  • Skills to stimulate ‘weak’ partners

  • Skills to propose a just division of the budget

  • Skills to change tack if necessary

Task types






Task owners

research partners
lead partner
project co-ordinator
every partner