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Functional map of a European socio-economic research project: flowchart of tasks

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flowchart of tasks Flowchart of tasks


  • Tacit knowledge of the European research plan (eg hidden rules)

  • Knowledge of academic standards

  • Knowledge of the basic concepts concerning frequently used research approaches and methods

  • Knowledge of the basic concepts and steps of research design

  • Knowledge of the different application possibilities of qualitative and quantitative methods for data collection and data analysis

  • Knowledge of the target audience and its needs


  • Skills to select a suitable research design for the formulation of the problem

  • Skills to communicate with the European Commission, target audience and co-financiers about the content, design and results of the study

  • Skills to formulate scientific ideas in a big broad vision

  • Skills to understand the importance of European integration

  • Skills to find a balance between refering to one’s own bibliographic work and the work of others

  • Skills to determine a hierarchy in targets: the subdividing of main objectives into operational targets and related results

  • Skills to subdivide the formulated results into parts that can be autonomously fulfilled, so they can be allocated to different research institutes

Task types






Task owners

research partners
lead partner
project co-ordinator
every partner