IST Programme RESPECT: an IST Programme Project
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Functional map of a European socio-economic research project: flowchart of tasks

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B.3.1 report research output
flowchart of tasks Flowchart of tasks


  • Knowledge of academic writing methods to present research output

  • Knowledge of scientific standards of research: the method of data collection and related meaning, reliability, validity and generality of the research

  • Knowledge of the most important qualitative and quantitative methods for data analysis

  • Knowledge of the basic features of European policy, in public as well as in private organisations

  • Knowledge of the policy sector related to the topics of the project

  • Knowledge of the policy instruments

  • Knowledge of the scientific standards for written publications

  • Knowledge of the most important developments within the European Union, especially those related to one’s own research topic

  • Knowledge of how to make a plan for quality check, which describes the timing and executors of the quality check

  • Knowledge of how to collect the requirements concerning the project results by consulting different sources

  • Knowledge of methods of measurement to check the quality of interim and final project results and control to process


  • Skills to communicate clearly concerning the results of the research

  • Skills to adapt the methods of data collection and analysis when necessary

  • Skills to give a written overview of one’s own contribution to the workpackage

  • Skills to go through written and oral information and select relevant information for one’s own reporting

  • Skills to interpret empirical research and other sources critically

  • Skills to separate essentials from side issues with regard to the research questions

  • Skills to analyse and evaluate the current policy

  • Skills to translate results of scientific research into relevant policy recommendations

  • Skills to match the results of the scientific research with the research questions

  • Skills to present the results of the study clearly in written language

  • Skills to adapt the reporting to the audience (academic community, European Commission, internal, national policy-makers, etc.)

  • Skills to structure arguments

  • Skills to make a template in a word processing programme

  • Skills to work very accurately

  • Skills to compile different documents in a single document

  • Skills to make the expected project aims and quality requirements clear to all partners of the consortium

  • Skills to describe the quality requirements in a testable way

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Task owners

research partners
lead partner
project co-ordinator
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