IST Programme RESPECT: an IST Programme Project
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Functional map of a European socio-economic research project: flowchart of tasks

the map Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
        you are at level 4

D.1.2 devise event programme
flowchart of tasks Flowchart of tasks


  • Knowledge of technological infrastructure

  • Knowledge of legislation concerning employment contracts (eg hostesses)

  • Knowledge of renowned persons within the research field

  • Knowledge of advertising channels for international scientific events

  • Knowledge of public relation techniques


  • Skills to communicate formally with unfamiliar people

  • Skills to plan and organise

  • Skills to react to unexpected circumstances

  • Skills to make an accurate budget

  • Skills to work independently on the making of a documentation map, prospecting with regard to the location, catering, interpreters, printing services, etc.

  • Skills to organise with a sharp eye for detail to guarantee a smooth course (eg put water out for the speakers, check the location of the sockets for projectors, change nameplates of the speakers, etc.)

Task types






Task owners

research partners
lead partner
project co-ordinator
every partner