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RESPECT for standards: database of organisations


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Association for Cultural Studies  Cultural Studies  International 
ESOMAR – the World Association of Research Professionals*    International 
International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE)  Economics  International 
International Association for Media and Communication Research  Media and Communication Sciences  International 
International Association for Social Science Information Service and Technology    International 
International Association for the Study of Organised Crime  Law, Criminology and Penology  International 
International Association of Science and Technology for Development  Socio-Technical Studies  International 
International Council of Science    International 
International Cultural Studies Society  Cultural Studies  International 
International Economic Association  Economics  International 
International Geographical Union  Geography  International 
International Political Science Association  Political Science  International 
International Sociological Association*  Sociology  International 
International Social Science Council    International 
International Union of Economists  Economics  International 
International Union of Psychological Science  Psychology  International 
SASE, Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics    International 
Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology  Psychology  International 
Central and East European Studies Association    Europe 
EUROGI – European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information  Geography  Europe 
European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology  Psychology  Europe 
European Anthropological Association  Anthropology  Europe 
European Association of Social Anthropologists  Anthropology  Europe 
European Association for the Advancement of Social Sciences    Europe 
European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy  Economics  Europe 
European Association of Experimental Social Psychology  Psychology  Europe 
European Association for Population Studies  Demography and Statistics  Europe 
European Association for Southeast Asian Studies (EUROSEAS)    Europe 
European Association of Labour Economists  Economics  Europe 
European Association of Law and Economics  Economics  Europe 
European Association of Work and Organisational Psychology  Psychology  Europe 
European Communication Association  Media and Communication Sciences  Europe 
European Consortium for Political Research    Europe 
European Economic Association  Economics  Europe 
European Educational Research Association  Educational Science  Europe 
European Federation of Psychologists Association*  Psychology  Europe 
European Group for Organizational Studies    Europe 
European Health Psychology Society (EHPS)  Psychology  Europe 
European Network of Work and Organisational Psychologists  Psychology  Europe 
European Society for Geography  Geography  Europe 
European Society for Population Economics  Economics  Europe 
European Union Studies Association    Europe 
ARCISS, Association of Research Centres in the Social Sciences    United Kingdom 
Association of Social Anthropologists*  Anthropology  United Kingdom 
Association for Qualitative Research    United Kingdom 
Association of Users of Research Agencies    United Kingdom 
British Academy of Management  Business Studies  United Kingdom 
British Association for Applied Linguistics*  Linguistics  United Kingdom 
British Educational Research Association  Educational Science  United Kingdom 
British International Studies Association*  Political Science  United Kingdom 
British Psychological Society*  Psychology  United Kingdom 
British Society for Population Studies  Demography and Statistics  United Kingdom 
British Society of Criminology*  Law, Criminology and Penology  United Kingdom 
British Sociological Association*  Sociology  United Kingdom 
British Universities Industrial Relations Association  Sociology  United Kingdom 
Economic and Social Research Council*    United Kingdom 
Economic History Society  History  United Kingdom 
Employees Research Group    United Kingdom 
Ethnic Researchers Network    United Kingdom 
Geographical Association  Geography  United Kingdom 
Manchester Industrial Relations Society  Sociology  United Kingdom 
Market Research Society*    United Kingdom 
Media, Communications and Cultural Studies  Media and Communication Sciences  United Kingdom 
Operational Research Society    United Kingdom 
Political Studies Association  Political Science  United Kingdom 
Regional Studies Association    United Kingdom 
Royal Economic Society  Economics  United Kingdom 
Royal Geographical Society  Geography  United Kingdom 
Royal Statistical Society  Demography and Statistics  United Kingdom 
Social Policy Association    United Kingdom 
Social Research Association*    United Kingdom 
UK Evaluation Society    United Kingdom 
Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologinnen und Psychologen  Psychology  Germany 
Berufsverband Deutscher Soziologinnen und Soziologen*  Sociology  Germany 
Bundesverband Deutscher Volks- und Betriebswirte  Economics  Germany 
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft    Germany 
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Erziehungswissenschaft  Educational Sciences  Germany 
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geographie  Geography  Germany 
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Politikwissenschaft  Political Science  Germany 
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Publizistik und Kommunikationswissenschaft*  Media and Communication Sciences  Germany 
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Volkskunde  Anthropology  Germany 
Deutsche Statistische Gesellschaft  Demography and Statistics  Germany 
Deutsche Vereinigung für Politische Wissenschaft*  Political Science  Germany 
Deutscher Verband für Angewandte Geographie  Geography  Germany 
Gesellschaft für Arbeitswissenschaft  Labour Studies  Germany 
Gesellschaft für Interdisziplinäre Wissenschaftliche Kriminologie  Law, Criminology and Penology  Germany 
Gesellschaft für Wirtschafts- und, Sozialwissenschaften-Verein für Socialpolitik  Economics  Germany 
Verband Der Hoch-schullehrer für Betriebswirtschaft E.V.  Business Studies  Germany 
Verband Deutscher Geographen An Deutschen Hochschulen  Geography  Germany 
Association des Professionnels en Sociologie de l’Enterprise  Sociology  France 
Association Française de Criminologie  Law, Criminology and Penology  France 
Association Française de Science Politique  Political Science  France 
Association Française de Sciences Economiques  Economics  France 
Association Française de Sociologie  Sociology  France 
Association Française des Anthropologues  Anthropology  France 
Association Internationale des Sociologues de Langue Française  Sociology  France 
Association Nationale des Organisations de Psychologues  Psychology  France 
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)*    France 
Société Française de Psychologie*  Psychology  France 
Société Française de Statistique  Demography and Statistics  France 
Société Française des Sciences de l'Information et de la Communication  Media and Communication Sciences  France 
Société Géographie de France  Geography  France 
Belgian Federation of Psychologists*  Psychology  Belgium 
Belgian National Science Foundation    Belgium 
Belgian Political Science Association  Political Science  Belgium 
Belgian Psychological Society  Psychology  Belgium 
Belgian Sociological Association  Sociology  Belgium 
Flemish Political Science Association  Political Science  Belgium 
Flemish Sociological Association  Sociology  Belgium 
Societe Royale d’Economie Politique de Belgique  Economics  Belgium 
Societe Royale Belge de Geographie  Geography  Belgium 
Dutch Association for Social and Cultural Sciences  Cultural Studies  Netherlands 
Dutch Political Science Association  Political Science  Netherlands 
Dutch Society for Women Studies  Women's Studies  Netherlands 
Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen  Psychology  Netherlands 
Nederlandse Sociologische Vereniging  Sociology  Netherlands 
NWO – the Netherlands Organisation of Scientific Research    Netherlands 
Royal Dutch Geographical Society  Geography  Netherlands 
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences*    Netherlands 
Vereniging voor Statistiek en Onderzoek (VSO)  Demography and Statistics  Netherlands 
Vereniging voor Statistiek en Operationele Research  Demography and Statistics  Netherlands 
Austrian Academy of Science    Austria 
Austrian Economic Association  Economics  Austria 
Austrian Political Science Association  Political Science  Austria 
Berufsverband Österreichischen Psychologinnen und Psychologen  Psychology  Austria 
Österreichische Gesellschaft für Geographie  Geography  Austria 
Österreichische Gesellschaft für Soziologie  Sociology  Austria 
Österreichische Statistische Gesellschaft  Demography and Statistics  Austria 
Associazione Antropologica Italiana  Anthropology  Italy 
Italian Political Science Association  Political Science  Italy 
Italian Sociological Association*  Sociology  Italy 
Società Italiana Degli Economisti  Economics  Italy 
Società Geografica Italiana  Geography  Italy 
Società Italiana di Psicologia  Psychology  Italy 
Società Italiana di Statistica  Demography and Statistics  Italy 
Società Italiana Die Sociologia*  Sociology  Italy 
Hellenic Economic Association  Economics  Greece 
Hellenic Political Science Association  Political Science  Greece 
Hellenic Sociological Association  Sociology  Greece 
Asociación Castellano-Manchega de Sociologia  Sociology  Spain 
Asociación de Estudiantes de Ciencia Politica y Sociologia*  Political Science  Spain 
Colegio oficial de Psicologos  Psychology  Spain 
Consejo General de Colegios de Economistas de Espana  Economics  Spain 
Federación Española de Sociología  Sociology  Spain 
Spanish Association of Political and Administrative Science (AECPA)  Political Science  Spain 
Associaçao dos Psicologos Portugueses  Psychology  Portugal 
Associaçao Portuguesa de Ciencia Politica  Political Science  Portugal 
Associaçao Portuguesa de Sociologia*  Sociology  Portugal 
Ordem Dos Economistas  Economics  Portugal 
Portuguese Association for Sociology of Industry, Organizations and Work  Sociology  Portugal 
Irish Economic Association  Economics  Ireland 
Political Studies Association of Ireland  Political Science  Ireland 
Royal Irish Academy    Ireland 
Science Foundation Ireland    Ireland 
Sociological Association of Ireland  Sociology  Ireland 
Danish Academy of Technical Sciences  Socio-Technical Studies  Denmark 
Danish Economic Society  Economics  Denmark 
Danish Political Science Association  Political Science  Denmark 
Danish Psychologists' Association  Psychology  Denmark 
Danish Research Agency    Denmark 
Danish Society of Social Economics  Economics  Denmark 
Danish Society for European Studies    Denmark 
Danish Sociological Association  Sociology  Denmark 
Royal Danish Geographic Society  Geography  Denmark 
Icelandic Research Council    Iceland 
Nordic Educational Research Association  Educational Sciences  Sweden 
Swedish Economic Association  Economics  Sweden 
Swedish Political Science Association  Political Science  Sweden 
Swedish Research Council    Sweden 
The Swedish Sociological Association  Sociology  Sweden 
Finnish Psychological Society  Psychology  Finland 
Finnish Anthropological Society  Anthropology  Finland 
Finnish Demographic Society  Demographics and Statistics  Finland 
Finnish Economic History Association  Economics  Finland 
Finnish Economic Society  Economics  Finland 
Finnish National Technology Agency  Socio-Technical Studies  Finland 
Finnish Political Science Association  Political Science  Finland 
Finnish Society for Economic Research  Economics  Finland 
Geographical Society of Finland  Geography  Finland 
Nordic Political Science Association  Political Science  Finland 
The Westermarck Society/Finnish Sociological Society  Sociology  Finland 
National Committee for Research Ethics in the Social Sciences and Humanities (NESH)*    Norway 
Nordic International Studies Association  Political Science  Norway 
Norwegian Political Science Association  Political Science  Norway 
Norwegian Psychological Association  Psychology  Norway 
Norwegian Sociological Association  Sociology  Norway 
Statsokonomisk Forening  Demographics and Statistics  Norway 
Schweizerische Ethnologische Gesellschaft  Anthropology  Switzerland 
Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Geographie  Geography  Switzerland 
Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Kommunikation- und Medienwissenschaft  Media and Communication Sciences  Switzerland 
Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Psychologie  Psychology  Switzerland 
Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Soziologie  Sociology  Switzerland 
Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Volkswirtschaft und Statistik  Demographics and Statistics  Switzerland 
Schweizerische Vereinigung für Politische Wissenschaften  Political Science  Switzerland 
Schweizerische Verband Akademischer Volks- und Betriebswirte  Economics  Switzerland 
Swiss Society for Cultural Studies  Cultural Studies  Switzerland 
Slovenian Academy of Sciences    Slovenia 
Slovenian Political Science Organization  Political Science  Slovenia 
Slovenian Sociological Association  Sociology  Slovenia 
Association of the Geographical Societies of Slovenia  Geography  Slovenia 
Slovak Political Science Association  Political Science  Slovakia 
Slovak Sociological Association  Sociology  Slovakia 
Hungarian Academy of Sciences    Hungary 
Hungarian Economic Association  Economics  Hungary 
Hungarian Political Science Association  Political Science  Hungary 
Hungarian Psychological Association  Psychology  Hungary 
Hungarian Sociological Association  Sociology  Hungary 
Scientific Society of Telecommunications and Informatics    Hungary 
Czech Academy of Sciences    Czech Republic 
Czech Demographic Society  Demographics and Statistics  Czech Republic 
Czech Economic Association  Economics  Czech Republic 
Czech-Moravian Psychological Society  Psychology  Czech Republic 
Czech Association of Political Science  Political Science  Czech Republic 
Masaryk Czech Sociological Association  Sociology  Czech Republic 
Polish Economic Society  Economics  Poland 
Polish Political Science Association  Political Science  Poland 
Polish Society for Political Studies  Political Science  Poland 
Polish Sociological Association  Sociology  Poland 
Croatian Academy of Sciences    Croatia 
Croatian Economic Association  Economcis  Croatia 
Croation Ethnological Association  Anthropology  Croatia 
Croatian Political Science Association  Political Science  Croatia 
Croatian Psychological Association  Psychology  Croatia 
Croatian Sociological Association  Sociology  Croatia 
Cyprus Economic Society  Economics  Cyprus 
Cyprus Sociological Association  Sociology  Cyprus 
Estonian Association of Sociologists  Sociology  Estonia 
Estonian Economic Association  Economics  Estonia 
Union of Estonian Psychologists  Psychology  Estonia 
Latvian Academy of Sciences*    Latvia 
Latvian Sociological Association*  Sociology  Latvia 
Latvian Association of Anthropologists  Anthropology  Latvia 
Lithuanian Academy of Sciences    Lithuania 
Lithuanian Political Science Association  Political Science  Lithuania 
Social Science Associations in Eastern Europe     
Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology*  Law, Criminology and Penology  Australia 
Institute of Australian Geographers*  Geography  Australia 
Canadian Political Science Association  Political Science  Canada 
Canadian Psychological Association*  Psychology  Canada 
Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association*  Sociology  Canada 
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)*    Canada 
New Zealand Statistical Association*  Demographics and Statistics  New Zealand 
Sociological Association of Aotearoa (New Zealand)*  Sociology  New Zealand 
South African Political Science Association*  Political Science  South Africa 
Association of Internet Researchers*    USA 
Society for Applied Anthropology*  Anthropology  USA 
Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences*  Law, Criminology and Penology  USA 
American Educational Research Association*  Educational Sciences  USA 
American Political Science Association*  Political Science  USA 
American Society for Public Administration*  Political Science  USA 
American Sociological Association*  Sociology  USA